Horticultural Tradesman Service has been operating in the inner west of Sydney for 20 years.

Gardening services Lidcombe

Is your garden in a state of disarray? Is it time that you had a good gardening Coniston plan in place for your residential or commercial property in Lidcombe? And as part of the gardening and planting endeavour, are you looking for dependable garden services and garden maintenance specialists for good garden care Lidcombe? Then you are just in luck, as Horticultural Tradesman Services will make just the right match.

In addition to planting, mulching, weeding, pruning, removal of any and all debris and wood waste, we take care of a host of related gardening and landscape activities.


What’s garden care Lidcombe without weeding? This forms a very important feature of regular, ongoing garden maintenance activity. It is a very important method to control the growth of unwanted plants that happen to eat into not just the space of healthy plants that are growing, but it also happens to absorb the water, sunlight, and also nutrients that are given to the other plants in the course of gardening Lidcombe. No gardening is complete without a good round of weeding undertaken.

Gardening Lidcombe

Hedge Trimming

Planting is of course a main part of garden services. But just planting a plant or shrub and regularly pouring water to it and tending to it doesn’t complete the gardening activity. As the plant, hedge, or shrub grows, pruning and hedge trimming Lidcombe is also required on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways to keep the plants growing fuller, denser and will always tends to look complete and compact.

If you want any garden services, or garden maintenance activities, contact, Horticultural Tradesman Services. You may call us anytime on 1300 578 871 or email us at sales@horticulturaltradesman.com.au.

Gardening services Lidcombe

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